We have various career fields for you.

After six months of training, section assignment will be officially decided based on your wishes and aptitude. Some career fields are:

  • Sales Department (technical sales positions for companies).
  • Management department (general affairs, accounting, etc.).
  • Manufacturing department (machine operator, assembly, etc.).
  • Technical department (mold production, equipment production, production preparation, etc.).
  • Quality department (quality assurance, inspection, etc.).

Voices of our coworkers

Aaron Brizuela

It is an honor to work in this company where I have had the pleasure of working these years and where I have had great learning both work and personal. They have made me a great person and, above all, this great family of Hajime Mexico, has taught me how to improve.

Alejandro Belmonte

Hajime Mexico has taught me to face important new challenges in my professional career, from understanding Japanese culture to the total construction of the Human Resources department. For me, it was interesting to contribute applying what I learned in my career, creating processes and standardizing new policies for the benefit of all collaborators.

As we moved forward, we quickly noticed the increase in productivity of all employees and the working climate improved considerably. The changes made were continuous and the improvements implemented have yielded results, which makes me feel that I have been able to contribute part of my experience so that Hajime Mexico and all its staff continue to grow and generate results both in the short and long term.

Fatima de La Cruz

I have three years working for this company and I am happy to belong to it, because it offers us a job stability with competitive salaries, which is reflected in our personal environment.

Jessica Muñoz

Hajime Mexico has made me a person with skills in the area of purchasing, importing and exporting. During my time with the Company, I have developed procedures and strategies that contribute to the company’s results. I am currently motivated to continue learning, to build new tools that allow me to take the company to the next level. I invite you to join this great team that is Hajime Mexico.

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