Know about our Products

Hajime Precision Plastic Product de Mexico, being one of only two manufacturers in Mexico responding to the need for integral production (from metal moulds design to the manufacture of final product) of Super Engineering Plastics such as PPS and PSU, designs and manufactures high-class resin products for the Automotive market in the country.

By using PPS / PSU, whose main features are the following, we continuously increase the added value of our products.

1.- Excellent heat resistance (continuous use temperature: PPS 220 ° C / PSU 175 ° C).

2.- High chemical resistance.

3.- Excellent dimensional stability due to low water absorption and low coefficient of linear expansion.

4.- High mechanical strength, rigidity, excellent fatigue resistance, creep resistance.

Quality Control

Our high-precision products make the difference with their long-lasting quality, which is achieved by our internal standards and technology that enables strong quality control system. We take special care in our measurement equipment’s selection, some of them are:

Toolmakers Microscope
Roughness Tester
CMM Mitutoyo
Roughness Tester
Optical Profilometer

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